Mobile technology has changed the way we live, especially under the pandemic situation. As a result, mobile shopping trends are evolving rapidly during the year. Consumer buying behaviour has changed significantly because of the work from home culture, and it will continue to grow in the future. The app design brings the users a simple, smooth shopping experience in the process of getting their hands on all the freshest drops.

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Technologies Used

Business Requirements

Customer needs an application that will help their users in buying and selling the desired products all at one place. Additionally, the user can get different categories of product for a pleasing experience by simply registering with the app. Other than this, users will also be able to post their own products in the app and sell it making the app a more interactive place for the users to buy and sell their goods.

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Key Challenges

There are times when you see unused things piled up at your place at making your house look messy. The pile can be of clothes that you do not wear anymore, shoes, or in fact; there can be things like a cycle, treadmill, furniture, etc. that you do not use anymore and do not know what to do with them. Do not worry; Deal app is a solution for you. It not only makes space in your house by clearing the unwanted stuff but also helps make a good amount of money by selling them. The main challenges that we faced at the beginning of the app development process were:

  • We needed to keep the core features as simple as possible, yet create a well-built user friendly platform.
  • We were required to bring the customer and the seller relationship more authentic.
  • We were keen to provide the latest trends and the more enhanced design features in the paltform.
  • Narrow Down the bridge between the customer and the seller by allowing them to chat with each other privately.

Solutions and Outcomes

To overcome the challenges that all of us faces in this very fast forward world. We have come up with a geninue and more authentic customer and seller relationship platform. Deal platform is well flourised with capabilities of buying and selling the products and list down their prices or even for FREE. Using the promising platforms we develop lucrative and engaging apps where users can easily search, compare, buy and recommend products of their choice.

Product & Setting

Users will be able to select their default language, set their notifications, linked accounts within the app.

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Category Display

This section allows users to view the list of products of the category that they have selected in the app. Users will be able to view the image of the product, price of the product, location of the product, add the product to their favourite list with the date of posting of the product in the app.

Reported Profiles

Users will be able to Report any Profile also whom they think is inappropriate and will help the platform to be more authentic and safe for others. The Blocked list of profiles will be displayed to the user and he can see the details of the profile as well in this particular section of the app.

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My Profile & Rating

Users will be able to view their profile details in this section of the app. Users will be able to edit their details as well and view the total number of ratings and reviews that they have received till now in the app. Users will be able to view the count of their followers and following list as well in this section of the app.


This Section gives a brief of all the categories that are available in the app.

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