HB Ignition


Servicing a car/bike or two wheeler is now easier than ever. Just use your phone to find and purchase a service, with this app. This app has been specifically designed for its service providers for providing a service or selling a product in the app. It offers a simpler and more effective way to solve problems with the services. We help our users to find the most reliable car/bike/two wheelers services around queries such as: Car Wash, Car Accessorie, Car Mechanic, Car Service Center, Car Garage, Car Workshop, Car Repair, Wheel Services, Car Denting & Painting, Car AC Service & Car Battery Near.

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Technologies Used

Business Requirements

Customers now a days have alot of trouble in finding a good garage, we have closely monitored the hassles of car servicing that the customers have to go through. Car owning experience should be seamless and hassle-free and we at HB-ignition strive to keep it that way. You can choose from a wide range of car services that you can avail and buy products from the garages available according to the filters applied by you in the app. Users will be able to give ratings & reviews so that they can share their experience with the Garage and provide the ratings of the particular product in the app.

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Key Challenges

HB-Ignition knows how much people hate complying with the need for maintenance of vehicles. Still, the fact is that the way they love traveling with cars is the same way they should take routine care of their car and take the pain and inconvenience of performing regular maintenance. This is true that people don’t like to get involved in such messy jobs, but they don’t have a choice in the matter as all the vehicles require routine servicing and immediate repairs when trouble arises. HB-Ignition strives to solve the followng challenges we face in the regular services of the vehicles:

  • We strive to provide the best products to the customers in the app.
  • We provide different range of services available to the customers in the app.
  • We had a lot of challenge to overcome the customer requirements of the desired garages that are filtered according to the specific requirements in the app.
  • We had to overcome the challenge to provide the customer with a towing service in the app.

Solutions and Outcomes

To overcome the challenges that all of us faces in this very fast forward world. We have come up with a geninue and more authentic customer and seller relationship platform. Deals platform is well flourised with capabilities of buying and selling the products and list down their prices or even for FREE.


Keeping the app designs very clean and user friendly. It will be easy for users to search the product or the garage, filter out their best selection and see the most suitable results in the app. Users will be able to view the image, rating and name of the garage and the service provider in the app.

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My Orders

Users are able to view the details of the orders that they have made. Users will be able to view the orders images, read description of the product, view the price and rating of the product and garage in the app

Seller Details

Users are able to view the details of the seller in the app. Users will be able to see the authenticity of the seller and through his ratings will come across his previous customers satisfaction results.

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Register Business

Users can register on the platform by simply filling a form and submit documents for their business in the app.

Garage Dashboard

Users will be able to view the visual graphical view of their activity in the app

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