TutorArabia, is an Arabic educational technology company, based in UAE. It was originally created as a YouTube channel in 2010 . As a company, it was founded by Aaftab Roman and Ali Hussain in 2015.The company has a network of over 18,000 educators, and offers preparation material for several professional and educational entrance exams. TutorArabia lessons are in the form of Live Classes both free and via subscription.

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Technologies Used

Business Requirements

The creators of the concept felt the dire need to offer a platform for citizens looking to connect with people in need of their Regular and Competitive Education. Requirements such as most of the working indiviuals have not particular time to visit coaching centres across the country and students have not been able to utilize their time in coaching by paying in lakhs, so creating a platform where the educators and the students can connect with each other and educators can share the knowledge by guiding them and teach them the material for exams and their regular studies.

Students by sitting at home used to get knowledge and preparing for their exam in safe and comfortable mode.

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Key Challenges

Among the few challenges involved in executing this vision, the core one was to create an app that reaches a large volume of users across Country. There was a need of a user-friendly app across multiple operating systems, enabling maximum registrations and use.

Other challenges included a user-friendly application for iOS as well as Android that provides a consistent app experience to interested users. Features including photo and videos of lectures,uploadation of documents and features that allowed secure communication between the educators and students.

  • Need of an iOS as well as Android App that would keep real-time track of educators and students and users with the need of education in scholarship mode as well.
  • An easy registration process to maximize network Generating alerts and notifications Build an online community who appreciate the need high quality and productive education.
  • An app that facilitated encryption windows and user connectivity across all areas of the Country.


We developed an application for iOS 8.0 and up for iPhone, iPad and iPhone, as well as Android 4.0 and up devices that allows people across towns in Country to connect with best teachers. The app included the capability to teach the several of students in a single class and allowing students to learn and moreover test their all particular topics by giving the mock and get results within seconds.

Built on the Swift 2.3 language, the app consisted of the following features –


Students can easily get in touch with any teacher by in free and adding some more features by buying subscription on app and used to attend classes and clear their doubts online with their mentor or teachers.

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Application designig organization in dubai


Students used to message to any mentor and any teacher of thier interested field and ask their doubts by sending the query from their side.

Mocks and Testing

messages.Students test their performance by giving mocks and exam related test and get a score within second and also test their weakness and strengths.

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Company used to conduct a Scholarship test in every 3 months and various toppers get huge discounts on Subscription upto 90%.


Every users across the country want to take education and prepare for their exams by not visiting to the highly paid coaching centres and also save their time and need to study in comfortable mode across the country. Most number of Educators are also working from their home in very calm mode and teach their students by providing them a right resources in right way which results the high selections in various competitive exams across the country.

With this feature app, TutorArabia makes it easy for Students to connect with their teachers and track their record in their portals and help the environment and also saves alot of money from both the sides.

The app requires an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS version 8.0 and above or an Android with version 4.0 and above on a network in UAE.

The app has been extremely well received among an increasingly conscious youth group in UAE.

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